Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Iron Work

Weather: Rain over the weekend..

What’s still green: Juniper and other evergreens, prickly pear; leaves on German iris, yuccas, garlic, hollyhocks, winecup mallow, Saint John’s wort, vinca, coral bells, tansy mustard, alfilerillo, cheat grass; some rose stems green; apricot buds fattening; fern bushes leafing.  The other shrubs and trees I plant the past two years around my drive seem to have survived the winter.

What’s red: Cholla, coral beardtongue leaves, some rose stems.

What’s grey or blue: Four-winged saltbush, snow-in-summer, pinks, golden hairy aster leaves.

What’s yellow or brown: Arborvitae.

What’s blooming inside:  Zonal geraniums.

Animal sightings: More house flies hatched.

Weekly update: The block work is done on the local village wall and the stuccoing has begun.  First they ran two large metal pipes between the columns.  They probably will support coyote fencing, but could support iron work.

People here like to top their stone walls with iron.  They rarely settle for something utilitarian.

Iron work is used, even when there are no columns to support it.

Some are high 

but most are low

While some look like people adapted fencing they could buy easily, others must be the work of skilled craftsmen 

with imaginations as well as tools.
Photographs: Most photographs taken in the past few years in the immediate area.


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