Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hop o’ My Thumb

Weather: The sun came through the front window and into my eyes for the first time this season on Friday. Indian summer continues with no rain since 10/9.

What’s blooming: Hybrid roses, large leafed soapwort, winecup mallow, chocolate flowers, anthemis, blanket flower, French marigolds, Maximilian sunflowers, chrysanthemums. While few things are blooming, plants like golden-spur columbine which died back in the heat of summer have been putting out new growth.

What’s turning red: Leaves on woodsii roses, sand cherries, pink evening primroses, lead plants, toothed spurge.

What’s turning yellow: Leaves on cottonwoods, apricots, rugosa roses, Siberian peas, catalpas, grapes, ladybells.

What’s blooming inside: Zonal geraniums, moss roses, aptinia.

Animal sightings: Rabbit, goldfinches in the Maximilian sunflowers, geckoes, ants.

Weekly update: About three weeks ago I banged my right thumb with a heavy aluminum sauce pan in the kitchen. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but a week ago a realized it wasn’t getting any better.

Then, I decided to use it as a little as possible. Since I’ve learned a great deal about what our thumbs are for, and why they were an evolutionary advance. I seem to use it for anything that uses strength. More, it gets used every time I type a word. My left thumb simply refuses to tap the space bar.

Finally, I put on one of those glove-looking stabilizers. I figured, if nothing else, it would interfere enough to stop me abusing the digit. My typing has gotten much worse as my right index finger now takes over its duties on the keyboard.

I put off this week’s entry, thinking my typing would improve. It hasn’t. So, I’m providing minimal information until it does. After all, I also can’t work outside, much as I want to.

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